Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Long Hiatus and Questions

I planned this a long time ago but just didn't get to sit down and post it.

So yep, I'm taking a long hiatus from translating/scanlating.

Or even blogging.

I don't know, I just don't know what I'll be held back with. I have so many freaking stuff on my to-do list with "priority" labelled on nearly half of them. As a full-time Uni student with a part time job on weekends, with more difficult modules coming my way, I am totally aware that I'll not be able to keep up with any manga feeds on Google reader, nor have any time to translate juicy manga raws.

I feel apologetic, but please understand that my initial intention was just to fulfill my passion of translating juicy + hot + chinese manga raws for international readers, instead of juggling my ass off with everything in life.


I also feel that I should address all questions and comments once and for all on this post which I got either through the contact form or through comments on each post. I divided them accordingly to whoever asked them. Note that I am only provided ANSWERS and REPLIES because I do not want to waste extra time to copy and paste the questions or comments.

Answers to questions from Anonymous:

  • Sookybabi has got many projects on hand and many stuff on her to-do list as well, just be sure to check for updates from her LiveJournal. Thank you for your patience.

  • Volume 3 of "Usagi Otoko Tora Otoko" can be found easily from people who dwell in Manga Forums such as Nihonomaru. I read the Jap raw of it, when I was reading it there was not Eng version. Check Mangaupdates for latest updates on a scanlated volume 3. 

  • If you ever want to request for any manga in raw, be smart and use the contact form instead of commenting. Be smarter and include an email for me. Yes, I have this this this that that that RAWs, but provide me with a method to get to you. 

  • No, I can't release anything quickly. I can promise trying my very best though.

I also feel that I should also reply to lovely commenters of my blog:

  • Draan: You're having the same reaction as me, LOL XD
  • epistasthai: I'd re-read it if a scanlated V3 is released. Right now the raw is enough to satisfy me. :D
  • warui-futago: Same here :3 It should have 20 chapters per volume.
  • Kio-chii: Your comment is epic too, lol D:
  • Ajvilka: Love you too :)

Some other stuff:

If I forgot to include you or reply you just nudge me, poke me, mail me, do whatever to contact me if you want to. It's probably because I'm typing this post after midnight - no I did not forget you, I care for every reader/commenter.

My friends at TAR are still pretty active with their burning passion for BL :) You can anticipate releases from them, and no I'm not quitting TAR.

Yes I am going to finish translating the projects that I started. You can see them on the right sidebar. Although I don't know how long I would start again, but when I am back and if it's still not translated, I'd do it. I'd finish what I started.

Yes, I reply every mail that I receive, even though it's just chatting stuff.

Yes, I will still update my resources page. I'm just taking a break but I am not dead. If you want me to add you site on my resources page just send me a mail. Contact form page is on the right sidebar. Same goes for the Ongoing projects page. If you are a scanlation group and want your ongoing projects to be known to avoid clashes, mail me your website.

Yes, I reply every mail that I receive, even though it's just chatting stuff.

I took the chatbox/shoutbox down. It's just full of spam - I hate it. It should be renamed as Shit Box.

Congrats, you've successfully finished reading, lol! If you read through this whole post and still love me, give me some heart shapes with xoxo in the comments and I'll think of something interesting to post next time.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

[Review] Usagi Otoko Tora Otoko


Dr. Uzuki, who works at a university teaching hospital, comes across in an alley and saves the Yakuza member Nonami after he's been shot. The next day, when Nonami shows up at the hospital, Uzuki is scared that he's come to make sure of his silence after he's seen the gunshot wound. But actually, Nonami, who misheard Uzuki's name and has mistaken him for a woman named "Suzuki", has forced a younger yakuza brother into being admitted into the hospital and order to find this woman, and they've started to search for this 'Suzuki'... The timid rabbit-type doctor and the Yakuza with the chisled strength of a tiger - a law of the jungle love! - Mangaupdates

Before you read on, this review contains spoilers.

I re-read the whole manga today, from Volume 1 to 3. 

After I finished Vol. 3, I honestly think that all chapters before Vol. 3 are teasers. The real juicy-cute action takes place near the end. On the hospital bed. With injury. Here is a teaser:

Unbelievable. Not being sarcastic, but, I'm torn between being happy that things are improving and being frustrated that the manga ended (I think so). 

What I liked about this manga was the humor. Plus, the cute drawings of tiger and rabbit -Kawaii-! Man, this mangaka can really draw! If only I had partner with a tiger tattoo - anywhere on his body would be good. I'd be staring at him in awe all day. -Sigh-

Monday, 20 February 2012

Kohitsuji Project Chapter 3


 Kohitsuji Project is about a boy being accepted into a prestigeous school not knowing he is the "sheep" that is meant to let the vampires learn that humans are not to be treated like food! 
Author: TAKENAKA Sei
Series: Ongoing


Password: Fanwords

Once again, I love the editor (Hyouen) and typesetter (Julia - who volunteered for this chapter <3 And also iCassop ( for helping me to convert all .psd files to .jpg files too <3 Thank you all so much. You guys are the best!

Also, sookybabi ( will be scanlating Kohitsuji Project from chapter 4 onwards. Which means, you guys don't have to follow my blog anymore ^O^" If you really love this manga, please look out for updates from her blog at LJ!

Before you ask, no, this does not mean that I'll disappear, it's just that I'll stick to translating for awhile until I get another LONG holiday once more (haha!) ~

Source: Pupette
Raw credit: Flycoo / Friday 

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

[Release] Ooparts Sex Chapter 1

Do you know that Oopart Sex Chapter 1 is already released by TAR? I'm not sure if online manga readers have it, but you can find it on TAR's manga reader.

Enjoy :)

P.s. Sshh but we're already working on releasing Chapter 2 :P

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Regarding inactivity

Yep, you must have noticed the inactivity in my translations and participation in forums, my group, and such. Well, I'm nearly suffocating over here with all these school projects and assignments. Who knows they'd weight 10kg each MENTALLY :(

If I die young, you know why and how. -Screams-

Anyway, I'll only be slightly more active after 19th December 2011. I don't think I'll be celebrating Christmas. I mean, I'm just so freaking happy that there's a holi-DAY for me to work on my essays and exams. Which school in the right mind would give us TWO essay, ONE presentation and ONE exam on the freaking same day? And I've got TWO duplicates day with that.

Gosh, it's heavy, the weight on me. How I wish I can get back my luxury time on scanlations.

Andddd before I go back to my projects, sorry for my inactivity PLUS, sorry for replying all email late :(( 
Sunday, 13 November 2011

Kohitsuji Project Chapter 2


 Kohitsuji Project is about a boy being accepted into a prestigeous school not knowing he is the "sheep" that is meant to let the vampires learn that humans are not to be treated like food! 
Author: TAKENAKA Sei
Series: Ongoing


Password: Fanwords

I love the editors and typesetter who volunteered for both chapt 2 and 3 <3 Thank you all so much.
Gosh I hate Uni projects, researches, presentations, essays and whatever reports that I need to do - I look around me and everyone is treating their textbook as their bible. You know what I mean right? They just gotta absorb every single word that's in the textbook. It stresses me and adds to my pressure because ... I don't.

Source: Pupette
Raw credit: Flycoo / Friday 

Monday, 31 October 2011

Where my heart belongs

Update: For those interested, both chapter 2 and 3 of Kohitsuji Project are at the typesetting stage.

Random stuffs...
Wrote this tiny piece of fiction on my iPhone during lecture, heheh! I love writing direct speeches in Mandarin, especially heartbreaking scenes that usually end up well. There might be more in the future ~

So... Here you go, a little piece of my inspiration today, I hope that my readers would enjoy it :) My apologies, if you do not understand Mandarin... :(

Title: 属于你的心 (Where my heart belongs)


"犬,你 。。。"












"我还以为,为对方痛得快要死掉的人只有我而已,想不到,犬,你也 。。。"